236 Big Tub Road, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada (519) 596-2219

Watersport Rentals

Waterfront Adventure

Big Tub Harbour Resort is the perfect place to launch your waterfront adventure. Whether you choose to spend the day on the water or take a short one-hour paddle over the historic shipwrecks, Big Tub is the place to begin.

Our watersport rentals are available at 9am daily. All rentals must be off of the water by 5pm.  In the case of inclement weather, we put safety first, and cancel rentals for the day. We provide life jackets, as well as a safety kit containing a bailing bucket, rope, flashlight and a whistle.

We rent our equipment by the hour  Prices range from $20-25/hour, depending on what you rent.  All rentals are confined to the limits of Big Tub Harbour.

We have many options to choose from:

  • One-man kayak

  • Two-man kayak

  • Clear kayak

  • Stand Up Paddle board

  • Elliptical water board

  • Water bikes

  • Canoes

All of our rentals are first come, first served as we do not take reservations for them.
If you have any other questions, please give our Motel team a call at 519-596-2219.

One-Man Kayak

Rental rate: $20.00 per hour.

Two-Man Kayak

Rental rate: $20.00 per hour.

Clear Kayak

Rental rate: $25.00 per hour.

Stand Up Paddle Board

Rental rate: $20.00 per hour.

Elliptical Paddle Board

Rental rate: $25.00 per hour.

Water Bikes

Rental rate: $20.00 per hour.


Rental rate: $25.00 per hour.