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Terms & Conditions

Big Tub Harbour Resort & Marina

“marina” means Big Tub Harbour Resort

“boater” means owner of the boat, the lessee of the boat, the duly authorized agent of the owner of the boat.

“vessel” means the boat registered to the boater.

  1. This agreement is only valid for the season.
  2. The boater agrees to pay for all services in accordance with rates as herein set forth. All fees and charges shall be payable in advance (of occupancy).
  3. On signing this agreement, the boater shall provide the marina with the following documentation to the satisfaction of the marina:
    • a) a certificate of registration of the vessel
    • b) a valid certificate of insurance, confirming the insurance coverage requirements and stating any pertinent exclusions.
    • c) an agency agreement showing proof of ownership of the vessel (or)
    • d) a leasing agreement between the owner of the vessel and the boater.
  4. The boater agrees that he/she will not assign this agreement or sublet the slip rented herein without written consent of the marina.
  5. No business activity connected with boats or boating or both, including the boat brokerage business and any activity associated with such business, shall be carried on in or from the marina areas without prior written approval of the marina.
  6. Painting, scraping and repairs to all vessels must be approved by the marina.
  7. No oil, flammable liquids, or oily bilges shall be discharged in the marina areas.
  8. All supplies, personal watercraft and cooking equipment shall be stored on the vessel and shall not obstruct access to docks or common areas.
  9. The boater agrees to notify the marina of any visitors to the vessel staying for any period exceeding 24 hours.
  10. Noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times and all boaters shall exercise good judgement when operating generators, engines and sound systems.
  11. Young children shall be accompanied by adults at all times. Suitable lifejackets shall be the responsibility of the boater.
  12. The boater shall ensure that any dog/cat is kept on a leash and supervised, and that the owner cleans up after his/her dog/cat.
  13. It is the responsibility of the boater to ensure that mooring lines are in good condition and used in sufficient quantity to secure vessel under all conditions. The marina is not liable for any damages caused by any mooring lines breaking or failing.
  14. The boater may terminate this agreement at any time by giving written notice to the marina. In such case, no refund of fees will be made.
  15. The boater shall notify the marina when leaving for an extended period of time. During such times, the boater agrees that the marina may rent the slip to another boater.
  16. The boater understands and agrees that the vessel is subject to periodic inspections by the marina and that the boat may be boarded by the marina representative in the event of an emergency. Holding tanks, engines and bilge pumps must be maintained to ensure proper operation at all times. Vessel failing to be maintained must vacate their assigned slip immediately.
  17. The marina, without fault or liability, may terminate this agreement:
    Upon giving one (1) days notice to the boater, where, in the sole opinion of the marina, the boater breaches any terms or conditions set herein.
  18. The agreement will expire on the last day of the season ( Sept. 30, 201_ ), unless terminated earlier pursuant to this agreement. All vessels must vacate their assigned slip prior to this date. All vessels left beyond this date will be removed at boater’s expense.