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Diving in Tobermory

Where better to enjoy a weekend diving than at Canada’s first National Marine Park. Fathom Five National Marine Park – Shipwreck Diving Capital of Canada. The park is made up of two components: 45 square miles of clear water and an archipelago of 19 islands. Sheer cliffs, limestone overhangs and large caves can be found both on the islands and submerged beneath the water.  Explore an area where submerged forests, canyons and underwater waterfalls date back to a time before modern man. View the remains of ancient coral in this once tropical sea or watch the modern inhabitants, crawfish, bass and sculpin as they go about their daily business. For the diving enthusiast, the remains of over 20 historical shipwrecks also lie beneath these clear, cold waters.

Diver’s Den Tours & Charters is located right in the heart of Tobermory at 3 Bay Street, the shop is conveniently located right by their charter vessels and a short walk or drive to most of the shore diving locations Tobermory has to offer.  They run daily scuba diving and snorkeling trips, and private excursions can also be arranged.  There is also a full instructional program for those looking to learn to dive or advance their education.

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